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what is all this about? 

Science & Technology have yet to come up with a viable mechanism to travel back and forth in time. Science Fiction has been doing it for decades. Science Fiction has already inspired Science in many ways - could it also work with time-travel?

Under "MOVIES & SERIES" you can check on time travel as shown in various movies or TV shows. We are scoring them as explained under "Scoring system and rules" - I usually suggest a score, but this is very much open to discussion, so please participate and let us know your own views.

Under "TIME TRAVEL FACTS AND FICTION" I will discuss various aspects related to time travel and share my views about it.

Join us in the search of the ultimate time-travel movie! Let us test all time-travel movies and see if any of them holds the key to real time-travel by successfully solving the paradox...

Photo by Buck (flickr)

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