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Full lesson plans and snippet lesson plans based on specific movies, adapted to the use in the classroom.

Webisites and online materials

Quite comprehensive list of movies that are set in space. Don't forget to check the various sections and links on the sidebar on the left.

Closed in 2013, but still available as a library of resources for the use of film in education.

Site dedicated to Michael Crichton and his work. Many rare materials are described.

A section of the "Classbrain" site, doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, but there are some materials that may be useful.

Check out the latest and all previous columns of the National Science Teachers Association on Science in Films

Using movies in education

Thematic sites

Academic literature

A comprehensive directory of academic literature on science in films (and other popular fiction formats).

Legacy sites

Science in Popular Fiction
Using movies for teaching
Thematic sites

ReAction! Chemistry in the Movies - companion facebook site.

Dr Andy Howell's "Science of" reviews:

Visit also his YouToube channel -  in collaboration with  filmmakerJames Darling:

Cardiff sci SCREEN

Many essays on science in movies are available in their archive:

free downloadable Lesson Plans that mix Fringe science with elements of Science Olympiad Division C events like Disease Detectives, Forensics, Sounds of Music, Chem Lab, and Dynamic Planet

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